Three things in today’s weather forcast.

  • I won the mytoons Krispy Kreme doughnut contest! I just hope that the doughnuts I get are not a recreation of my particular doughnuts I created. The contest was celebrating Matt Groening’s birthday and was a lot of fun…and today I received my doughnut coupons!


  • I am one of twenty mytoons Bumper Blastoff Finalists! And guess which animation of mine is the finalist? FruitToons! I personally liked the Mytoons Fight animation much better…but I guess if you look at which one is more original and creative, Fruittoons is definitely the winner. They will announce the winners next Wednesday, the twelfth of March.


  • Unbeknown to me, The Lord of the Things has been uploaded to the Mytoons Youtube page. And bigger then that, it has over 14,000+ views!!! Did you hear me? Fourteen Freakin Thousand Views! It’s currently at 14,564 views…that’s a lot.

More things in the works…



Hey, just thought I’d mention that both the Lord of the Things animation and the Abyss Run game were featured yesterday on the Mytoon’s “Famous Today”!

Lottfamous.jpg picture by Afterslaughter

Kittyfamous.jpg picture by Afterslaughter

Sorry I’m a little late with this new, but I was incredibly busy yesterday…

Also, I originally didn’t plan on finishing any more bumpers for the mytoons contest, but I was inspired today and spent a ton of time working on one. All I have left is to polish it out a little and add some music/sound. Hopefully I will have enough time tomorrow to finish it…

Until next time,


Today I have two things for you:

  • Second, I finished this really dorky flash game called Abyss Run today. I actually made this flash game several years ago, but jsut finished a few things and added music today. Enjoy!

(click to play)

That’s all for today,


 Okay, this took my quite a while, but I finally got lott to work and look pretty good on…so here it is!


Okay, I’ve been messing around with as a second option to uploading my stuff as well as lulu. So far I haven’t gotten thing perfect yet, but here is supposedly The Lord of the Things Widescreen in High def!!


Edit: Movie removed because it was Way to big of a picture and didn’t really work anyways….check out this post where I did get it to work

The Lord of the Things  is now at about 540+ views….now help us reach an even Higher goal…One Thousand! So go to and watch lott, then send it to a friend…

…and digg this:

Okay, I’m really excited! The Lord of the Things has passed the 500 views mark…..!!!

So lets PARTY and have a BBQ at Elrond’s house!!!

lets PARTY!