Three things in today’s weather forcast.

  • I won the mytoons Krispy Kreme doughnut contest! I just hope that the doughnuts I get are not a recreation of my particular doughnuts I created. The contest was celebrating Matt Groening’s birthday and was a lot of fun…and today I received my doughnut coupons!


  • I am one of twenty mytoons Bumper Blastoff Finalists! And guess which animation of mine is the finalist? FruitToons! I personally liked the Mytoons Fight animation much better…but I guess if you look at which one is more original and creative, Fruittoons is definitely the winner. They will announce the winners next Wednesday, the twelfth of March.


  • Unbeknown to me, The Lord of the Things has been uploaded to the Mytoons Youtube page. And bigger then that, it has over 14,000+ views!!! Did you hear me? Fourteen Freakin Thousand Views! It’s currently at 14,564 views…that’s a lot.

More things in the works…



MyToons Animation - Artwork - Yucky Doughnut

Here is my second entry to the doughnut decorating contest. I would also like to note that this contest is being held in honor of Matt Groening’s 54th birthday! Matt Groening, if you didn’t know, is the creator of the Simpsons. Anyways, they are giving away one hundred dozen doughnuts randomly to those who upload their decorated doughnut by the 17th. 


If you haven’t heard yet, is having a doughnut decorating contest! And yes, that happy shiney TV-commercial like doughnut up there is my submission…yeah…its rather shiney. Anyways, go check it out at and you might win yourself a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts!