Hey everyone! I have a some of new things to talk about – some really good and some extremely bad.

First off, I’ll start out with the good news (good news is always better anyways).

I won the mytoons bumper blastoff contest. Did you hear me? I won the mytoons bumper blastoff contest. And Not only did I win the contest, but I was the “Super Rising Star Winner”!

The contest was setup with two different ways you could enter – Super Stars (for everyone) and Rising Stars (for people in school). Out of those, they chose three Super Star Winners and six Rising Star Winners. Out of those winners, they chose one Super Super Star Winner and one Super Rising Star Winner. I was the Super Rising Star Winner!

You can check out the contest page here and my winning bumper here.


….And onto the bad news.

My hard drive crashed on Monday. Which means I’ve lost just about EVERYTHING! Well, not everything, I at random backed up my flash files in January…So I’ve only lost the most recent stuff that I’ve done (the cooler stuff). I should have a new hard drive by next Monday so I can get back up and running and I will be able to try to save some of the data on my old hard drive. Hopefully not everything will be lost.

Whats makes this really sad is the timing. I have been planing on upgrading and building a new computer in the next couple of weeks….so if my old hard drive would have just waited to die until AFTER I had moved all my files to a new computer, I wouldn’t have cared if it died.

And, I just won the Mytoons Bumper Blastoff Contest. Being the “Super Rising Star” winner, I get my portfolio review by some really great animators…but guess where most of what I have that would be defined as a portfolio resides…yes, on the dead hard drive. Timing is everything…

I’ve got tons more ideas and things I want to work on, but with my hard drive being dead, those will all have to wait.

Until next time,


PS…sorry if this is a bit sloppy, I haven’t had the greatest week (except the part where I found out I won the contest) with being sick a bunch and my hard drive crashing…

This is a collection of of unfinished animations I started for the Bumper Blastoff Contest…most of them didn’t get finished either because I didn’t like the way they were turning out or I was too lazy 😛 (I also have this sickness called school, and that hindered me from finishing these too)…


(Click to Watch)


 …or not

Actually, it’s just my final mytoons bumper blastoff entry that’s invading you. Hope you like it!

(click to play)


You know you’ve want it…so here it is.

I present, one more mytoons bumper blastoff contest submission – Fruittoons!

(click for a taste)

Take a bite out of the fruit flavored Mytoons – Created with the mystical art of fruit-motion, Mytoons is served up fresh daily.


Okay, so I only won the weekly contest, not the actual main contest because it doesn’t end until febuary 28th or something. But it’s still pretty awesome and I get a limited addition mytoons t-shirt! So go check it out:

Weekly Winners and a Brush with MyToons!

INCOMING!! Watch as joejozwowski gives his animation a run for its money – MyToons style – in Animation vs. myToons.com! Head’s up – who knows what might land on MyToons next! Speaking of heads…Are you in the mood for some sword action? Slice on over to Assassin‘s Mytoons Fight: MyToons – them’s fighting words (literally)! Want to join in the Bumper Blastoff battle? Now you have until Feb. 28 – Head over to the Bumper Blastoff page for more details!