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Once again, I come with news of a new animation.

This is an animated short I’ve been working on (off and on) for over a year now…I finally just spent a couple of long days and just finished it.

::Easter Egg::
If you look at the video playing on the TV in the background you will see clips of my very first animation I ever finished.



Three things in today’s weather forcast.

  • I won the mytoons Krispy Kreme doughnut contest! I just hope that the doughnuts I get are not a recreation of my particular doughnuts I created. The contest was celebrating Matt Groening’s birthday and was a lot of fun…and today I received my doughnut coupons!


  • I am one of twenty mytoons Bumper Blastoff Finalists! And guess which animation of mine is the finalist? FruitToons! I personally liked the Mytoons Fight animation much better…but I guess if you look at which one is more original and creative, Fruittoons is definitely the winner. They will announce the winners next Wednesday, the twelfth of March.


  • Unbeknown to me, The Lord of the Things has been uploaded to the Mytoons Youtube page. And bigger then that, it has over 14,000+ views!!! Did you hear me? Fourteen Freakin Thousand Views! It’s currently at 14,564 views…that’s a lot.

More things in the works…


This is a collection of of unfinished animations I started for the Bumper Blastoff Contest…most of them didn’t get finished either because I didn’t like the way they were turning out or I was too lazy 😛 (I also have this sickness called school, and that hindered me from finishing these too)…


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Hey, just thought I’d mention that both the Lord of the Things animation and the Abyss Run game were featured yesterday on the Mytoon’s “Famous Today”!

Lottfamous.jpg picture by Afterslaughter

Kittyfamous.jpg picture by Afterslaughter

Sorry I’m a little late with this new, but I was incredibly busy yesterday…

Also, I originally didn’t plan on finishing any more bumpers for the mytoons contest, but I was inspired today and spent a ton of time working on one. All I have left is to polish it out a little and add some music/sound. Hopefully I will have enough time tomorrow to finish it…

Until next time,




 Today I felt like posting a completely random update for the sake of posting a completely random update.

Currently I have a ton of short animations I’m working on (I’m always working on way to many things at once) and a few other random things.

 I’ve got about four animations I’m working on for the mytoons bumper blastoff contest! However, only two of them are much beyond the storyboard stage. But I’ve got until the end of this month, so I should have plenty of time. Hopefully I will be able to finish one of them SOON!

Also, I am working on this two second love-mation animation thing for channel frederator’s 2 second love fest (obviously he doesn’t have much love in his life)! I only have until the 7th to finish it, so right now this is where my priories go. Amazingly however, considering that the animation is only going to be around two or three seconds long, the its turning out way better then I ever thought…the only thing I’m going to say about it is that I’m returning back to my dark side with this animation.

And finally, check out this short magic apple experiment!!

Yes, I’m cool like that!

MagicApple picture by Afterslaughter


Okay, for some reason I think forgot to mention this, but the Gummy Dwarf Animation was on the MyToons Team’s Overall Favorites list for the last week or so. Just today however, my animation fell off the end of the list into oblivion… 😥 

Anyways, if you happened to miss this pivotal moment in history, here is a screenshot capturing my animation just before it plummeted off the edge at worlds end. (the animation btw can still be watched here)

I guess now I am just going to have to finish some other really insane animation and upload it. And speaking of that, I actually am just about finished with another animated bumper for the mytoons bumper blastoff contest. All I have left is to put together some decent audio for it. However, I have never really liked this part of animating because it can either make or break whatever I have already created. Hopefully I will be able to finish it up in the next couple of days and upload it for you.


Hey again,

Here is the animation I promised. I made it for the Mytoons Bumper Blastoff Contest (if you can’t tell)…so go check it out!


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