…or not

Actually, it’s just my final mytoons bumper blastoff entry that’s invading you. Hope you like it!

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Hey, just thought I’d mention that both the Lord of the Things animation and the Abyss Run game were featured yesterday on the Mytoon’s “Famous Today”!

Lottfamous.jpg picture by Afterslaughter

Kittyfamous.jpg picture by Afterslaughter

Sorry I’m a little late with this new, but I was incredibly busy yesterday…

Also, I originally didn’t plan on finishing any more bumpers for the mytoons contest, but I was inspired today and spent a ton of time working on one. All I have left is to polish it out a little and add some music/sound. Hopefully I will have enough time tomorrow to finish it…

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Today I have two things for you:

  • Second, I finished this really dorky flash game called Abyss Run today. I actually made this flash game several years ago, but jsut finished a few things and added music today. Enjoy!

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You know you’ve want it…so here it is.

I present, one more mytoons bumper blastoff contest submission – Fruittoons!

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Take a bite out of the fruit flavored Mytoons – Created with the mystical art of fruit-motion, Mytoons is served up fresh daily.


I haven’t posted anything recently because I haven’t had anything to say for the last couple of days. However, today that has changed.

First off, I got interviewed by someone from the Current, San Antonio’s alternative newspaper, about how I use Mytoons. I normally really hate talking on the phone for any reason, but it actually turned out to be pretty cool. So go check out the article here.

The blog has reached over 1000+ hits and 200+ spam, so that’s really cool. Special thanks to my Amsterdam friends for all the spam!

On a more random note, did anyone else notice that my Valentine’s greeting got put on mytoons favorite list on Valentine’s Day and then mysteriously disappeared the day after?

Also, I should be finishing up another short creation for the bumper blastoff in next day or two…so stay tuned, more to come.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! (I’m only a few days early…)

Today I present my Valentine’s Day e-card/video…so Enjoy!

[blip.tv ?posts_id=668407&dest=-1]

I originally created this for Channel Frederator’s 2 Second Love Fest and my short will be featured in their weekly podcast either this Tuesday, or the next.


Once again I come, bringing news of a new contest from Mytoons.com

“Create Your Fantastical Creature
February 7 – 20, 2008

A world of fantasy awaits – Design a Fantastical Creature for a chance to win two free tickets to see The Spiderwick Chronicles at your local IMAX Theatre!”

More about the contest can be found here.

The strange Scorpion-Centaur above is my bizarre submission to the contest. And if you can’t tell…I had way to much fun designing it.