Today I have two things for you:

  • Second, I finished this really dorky flash game called Abyss Run today. I actually made this flash game several years ago, but jsut finished a few things and added music today. Enjoy!

(click to play)

That’s all for today,



Once again I come, bringing news of a new contest from Mytoons.com

“Create Your Fantastical Creature
February 7 – 20, 2008

A world of fantasy awaits – Design a Fantastical Creature for a chance to win two free tickets to see The Spiderwick Chronicles at your local IMAX Theatre!”

More about the contest can be found here.

The strange Scorpion-Centaur above is my bizarre submission to the contest. And if you can’t tell…I had way to much fun designing it.


MyToons Animation - Artwork - Yucky Doughnut

Here is my second entry to the Mytoons.com doughnut decorating contest. I would also like to note that this contest is being held in honor of Matt Groening’s 54th birthday! Matt Groening, if you didn’t know, is the creator of the Simpsons. Anyways, they are giving away one hundred dozen doughnuts randomly to those who upload their decorated doughnut by the 17th. 


If you haven’t heard yet, Mytoons.com is having a doughnut decorating contest! And yes, that happy shiney TV-commercial like doughnut up there is my submission…yeah…its rather shiney. Anyways, go check it out at http://www.mytoons.com/krispykreme and you might win yourself a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts!




 Today I felt like posting a completely random update for the sake of posting a completely random update.

Currently I have a ton of short animations I’m working on (I’m always working on way to many things at once) and a few other random things.

 I’ve got about four animations I’m working on for the mytoons bumper blastoff contest! However, only two of them are much beyond the storyboard stage. But I’ve got until the end of this month, so I should have plenty of time. Hopefully I will be able to finish one of them SOON!

Also, I am working on this two second love-mation animation thing for channel frederator’s 2 second love fest (obviously he doesn’t have much love in his life)! I only have until the 7th to finish it, so right now this is where my priories go. Amazingly however, considering that the animation is only going to be around two or three seconds long, the its turning out way better then I ever thought…the only thing I’m going to say about it is that I’m returning back to my dark side with this animation.

And finally, check out this short magic apple experiment!!

Yes, I’m cool like that!

MagicApple picture by Afterslaughter



Coming Soon!!

Or not…but if you’ve lived the last 20 years under a rock and haven’t played linerider – go check it out @ linerider.com. Also, if you can’t tell…I need a lot more view in the next day or two for a jump at the end.


Okay, for some reason I think forgot to mention this, but the Gummy Dwarf Animation was on the MyToons Team’s Overall Favorites list for the last week or so. Just today however, my animation fell off the end of the list into oblivion… 😥 

Anyways, if you happened to miss this pivotal moment in history, here is a screenshot capturing my animation just before it plummeted off the edge at worlds end. (the animation btw can still be watched here)

I guess now I am just going to have to finish some other really insane animation and upload it. And speaking of that, I actually am just about finished with another animated bumper for the mytoons bumper blastoff contest. All I have left is to put together some decent audio for it. However, I have never really liked this part of animating because it can either make or break whatever I have already created. Hopefully I will be able to finish it up in the next couple of days and upload it for you.


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