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Once again, I come with news of a new animation.

This is an animated short I’ve been working on (off and on) for over a year now…I finally just spent a couple of long days and just finished it.

::Easter Egg::
If you look at the video playing on the TV in the background you will see clips of my very first animation I ever finished.



This is a collection of of unfinished animations I started for the Bumper Blastoff Contest…most of them didn’t get finished either because I didn’t like the way they were turning out or I was too lazy 😛 (I also have this sickness called school, and that hindered me from finishing these too)…


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 …or not

Actually, it’s just my final mytoons bumper blastoff entry that’s invading you. Hope you like it!

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You know you’ve want it…so here it is.

I present, one more mytoons bumper blastoff contest submission – Fruittoons!

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Take a bite out of the fruit flavored Mytoons – Created with the mystical art of fruit-motion, Mytoons is served up fresh daily.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! (I’m only a few days early…)

Today I present my Valentine’s Day e-card/video…so Enjoy!

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I originally created this for Channel Frederator’s 2 Second Love Fest and my short will be featured in their weekly podcast either this Tuesday, or the next.


Hey again,

Here is the animation I promised. I made it for the Mytoons Bumper Blastoff Contest (if you can’t tell)…so go check it out!


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(or of course you can watch it on

Today I uploaded a short flash movie that I made a LONG time ago. I made this movie back when I first started messing with flash and back when I called my company Jaguar Images (hence the name in the movie).


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