Lord of the Things

Three things in today’s weather forcast.

  • I won the mytoons Krispy Kreme doughnut contest! I just hope that the doughnuts I get are not a recreation of my particular doughnuts I created. The contest was celebrating Matt Groening’s birthday and was a lot of fun…and today I received my doughnut coupons!


  • I am one of twenty mytoons Bumper Blastoff Finalists! And guess which animation of mine is the finalist? FruitToons! I personally liked the Mytoons Fight animation much better…but I guess if you look at which one is more original and creative, Fruittoons is definitely the winner. They will announce the winners next Wednesday, the twelfth of March.


  • Unbeknown to me, The Lord of the Things has been uploaded to the Mytoons Youtube page. And bigger then that, it has over 14,000+ views!!! Did you hear me? Fourteen Freakin Thousand Views! It’s currently at 14,564 views…that’s a lot.

More things in the works…



Today I have two things for you:

  • Second, I finished this really dorky flash game called Abyss Run today. I actually made this flash game several years ago, but jsut finished a few things and added music today. Enjoy!

(click to play)

That’s all for today,


 Okay, this took my quite a while, but I finally got lott to work and look pretty good on blip.tv…so here it is!


[blip.tv ?posts_id=500192&dest=-1]

Okay, I’ve been messing around with blip.tv as a second option to uploading my stuff as well as lulu. So far I haven’t gotten thing perfect yet, but here is supposedly The Lord of the Things Widescreen in High def!!


Edit: Movie removed because it was Way to big of a picture and didn’t really work anyways….check out this post where I did get it to work https://afterslaughter.wordpress.com/2007/11/20/the-lord-of-the-rings-widescreen-with-subtitles-on-bliptv/

The Lord of the Things  is now at about 540+ views….now help us reach an even Higher goal…One Thousand! So go to http://www.lulu.tv/?p=15683 and watch lott, then send it to a friend…

…and digg this: http://digg.com/videos/animation/Help_The_Lord_of_the_Things_Reach_1000_views

Okay, I’m really excited! The Lord of the Things has passed the 500 views mark…..!!!

So lets PARTY and have a BBQ at Elrond’s house!!!

lets PARTY!


Here is the original “Gummy” animation style I had planned on making the Lord of the Things in, however it takes insanely longer to create and I probably spent the same amount of time working on this short clip as I did on the actual lott. Enjoy…

Gummy idea

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