Hey, I actually haven’t been doing nothing lately…I is been graduated. Nevertheless however, bad grammar and talking about my graduation isn’t why I’m posting here today.

I entered the “Gummy Dwarf” animation in the mytoon’s “Get with the Times!” contest and now I need you to go vote for me. The “Gummy Dwarf” is making a come back in widescreen HD (meaning four more trees), so go to http://mytoons.com/animation/play/16179 and vote. You can vote for my animation once every hour, so if you have an extra free second each hour…please go vote for me!

…and just in case your lazy like me, I figured out 4 easy steps to voting.


1. Register or Log In

step 1

2. Go to http://mytoons.com/animation/play/16179

3. Click the “Cast your Vote” button

4. Repeat steps 1-3 in one hour.


…and its as easy as that.

Thanks in advance,