Hey everyone, hope you all had a wonderfully bloody last year…

Here is a list of the video stats for all my stuff that is online:

Blog Stats
303 hits

Video Stats

  “Room” 166 views
  Pumpkin Head Video Diary 351 views
  Original “Gummy” Idea  857 views
  Bob and the Time Slug Trailer 705 views
  Lord of the Things 1,133 views
  Lord of the Things Trailer 267 views
  AfterSlaughter Video Logo 202 views
lulu total: 3,681

  Dwarf Gummy Animation 142 views
  The Lord of the Things 202 views
  AfterSlaughter Logo 37 views
blip total: 381

  Gummy Animation 1,579 views
mytoons total: 1,579

Total video views overall: 5,641!!!!!


And no, I haven’t been just sitting around these last holiday’s doing completely nothing…I should have something new uploaded online either later today or tomorrow. And also, I’ve started writing another story and it actually may end up book length. Here is a picture of the guy who dies in the prologue :p