For everyone who complained that they couldn’t understand the audio in lott, here’s what everyone said…

Scene 1 – Somewhere wooded

Leggy: “What the?”
Leggy: “I must take this ‘Thing’ to Elrond”

Scene 2 – Dark Tower

Evil aka Sauron:“Gaaaaaaaaa!”
Squishy: “You called?”
Squishy: (untranslatable)
Thingwrith 1:“He must be pretty maddd…”
Thingwrith 2: “yup!”
Thingwrith 1: “At least he didn’t turn into a great big eye this time.”
Thingwrith 1 and 2:“haha…”
Thingwrith 1: “Something wrong?”
Evil: “They took my action thing!”
Thingwrith 1: “Don’t worry Sauron…we’ll get it back for you!”

Scene 4 – Rivendell

Leggy: “Elrond!”
Elrond: “I see…it is an action figure”
Leggy: “What must be done with it?”
Gimli: “Give it to us…then we can grind it up and use it for a BBQ seasoning!”
Boromir: “Nooo! Give to me, so we can make a great powerful weapon out of it!”
Leggy: “I’m staying out of this…”
Thingwrith 1: “Can you give it back to us, cause…Saurons like…’Really’ mad…and…he’ll kill you all if you don’t!”
Elrond: “We must ask the hobbits, for they are very wise in the ‘Things’ of this.”


Scene 5 – ?
Evil: “My precious!”